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ABOUT Mary Jo Wood

Meet Mary Jo Wood

Mary Jo Wood is a RYT( registered yoga teacher) within Yoga Alliance. She completed her 200 hour teacher certification at Yoga Mountain while studying under Gail Bentley Walsh. She has also received advanced training in iRest Yoga Nidra meditation under Richard Miller. iRest is currently being used in many healing environments to bring practitioners back to their ever present sense of well being. She has been teaching Hatha yoga with adults and children since 2007, while leading iRest meditation classes and workshops since 2010. As a practitioner of Hatha yoga for over 15 years, her desire to teach comes from her personal yoga journey. She describes her practice as life changing and wants to share with others the gifts of insight, peace and joy that yoga can bring. Classes are often created to delve into specific yoga teachings. Sometimes there will be work on a specific sequence of postures leading to a new asana that is being explored. Other times, she may look into intentions and postures related to opening your heart, surrendering and/or letting go. Within these various themes and intentions, the focus is always to guide the student through self-inquiry using movements of the physical form of postures (asana), the breath (pranayama) and meditation. She believes that a yoga practice is an individual experience of moving inward. Mary Jo holds a space for your individual practice while teaching and guiding you through the asanas, pranayama and meditation.


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