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Karen Livanos-Centauro Karen has been teaching since 2007 and is a yoga practitioner for over 20 years! Her passion for yoga is all about “feeling good” and creating an environment for her students to love yoga as much as she does. Her class is a combination of yoga asana (poses), breath work, and meditation, with lots of stretching to create flexibility and strength in both the body and mind. Karen offers detailed instructions for her students and is an “on the mat” teacher, so the students can follow the sequencing of poses. At the beginning of each class, she presents a dharma talk or a “yoga lesson” to also give her students something to think about! Karen’s goal is to take the practice of yoga and help create more balance and focus in each student’s world. The more “yoga tools” she can offer, the better!! Karen is a “pay it forward” yogini and committed to a life of service. She is blessed to be surrounded and supported by friends and family, including her dog, Yogi. She bows to all with grace and divine love! Karen’s yoga name is Amrita, which in Sanskrit means “Immortal Nectar of the Gods” RYT200 Reiki Practioner II Gate Energy Facilitator & Enthusiast of Shamanism, Crystals & Stones, and Vibrational Energy Namaste! .






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