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Gwen McCarthy has been a student of yoga for fifteen years. Starting about five years ago she wanted to learn more about yoga and other practices that put an emphasis on healing. In 2011 she began to study Reiki privately with a Reiki Master Teacher and Shaman for a year. Following those studies she completed her training to be a Reiki master at Kripalu in Massachusetts. Reiki is a part of her life that she practices everyday and she is grateful to have had the opportunity to learn it in such an intense way. In 2013 Gwen began attending a teacher training program at Yoga Synthesis in Ramsey, New Jersey where she graduated as a certified yoga teacher in Hatha Yoga. This training program placed an emphasis on learning about different styles of yoga. After studying about Kundalini yoga she came to Ma Yoga to experience it firsthand and after attending one class, she was hooked. In the fall of 2015 she began a year long study of Kundalini yoga and is now a KRI certified teacher. It was a life changing experience. Since 2014 Gwen has been teaching yoga to adult cancer patients at Hackensack Hospital and Valley Hospital through Kula for Karma. She currently is also working with patients at Tomorrow's Children as well as their parents. In July of 2016 she was selected as the Teacher of the Month for Kula for Karma. She has recently joined the staff at Ma Yoga to teach Kundalini classes with an emphasis on wellness. Classes are open to everyone including seniors and those restoring from illness. She is delighted to have an opportunity to share the very wonderful and healing practice of Kundalini yoga with others. Gwen is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance and her spiritual name is Bhakti Anand which means devotion and bliss. .






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