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Patti Bio After a near death experience when Patti was 13, she was awoken to a much bigger reality than she had known previously that made her devoted path of athletic all-star cheerleading no longer what inspired her. Yoga naturally fell into her path as a way to move on from cheerleading yet retain the flexibility and fitness she had spent so long cultivating in sports and cheerleading. After her recovery from the accident, she began to practice hatha yoga consistently at a local yoga studio. In just one month, she was absolutely amazed by the incredible benefits she was already experiencing in body, mind, soul and cultivated a deeper level of self-love and inner knowing she had ever known before. It filled the space that had been cheerleading and brought her something so much more incredibly precious, the experience of inner harmony and a holistic practice that makes sense for a lifetime. Yoga, to Patti, is simply the art and science of living optimally in body-mind-soul and it remains an essential part of her daily life. She has studied and is certified to teach in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, though Kundalini is her main focus for the spiritual depth, healing, and joy it has brought and continues to bring to her life. The science of sound through chanting mantra, or naad yoga, an integral part of kundalini yoga, has particularly been a most beloved companion and pathway to elevated experience for her that she loves sharing. She believes yoga and meditation are some of the most valuable tools we can possibly use today for healing and uplifting ourselves and is determined to help share these ancient and sacred technologies, conveniently now at our fingertips, with you. COME and enjoy a special restorative kundalini yoga class for the new moon with her tonight from 7:30-8:45pm in the spirit of new begininnings. .






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