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Ken Horowitz




ABOUT Ken Horowitz

Meet Ken

Ken has been practicing yoga since 2004, primarily Bikram for the first 8 years. Then looking to broaden his practice, he added a variety of yoga styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, traditional Hatha, Iyengar and Kundalini to his practice. In his desire to deepen his practice, he completed a 280 hour certification training program through Raji Thorn's Yoga Synthesis studio located in Ramsey, NJ in May 2014. The program included intensive instruction on both postural and pranayama aspects. Also included was the study of yoga lineage, anatomy and science of yoga and Ayurveda. HIs style tends to favor a more physical practice, with attention to pranayama and alignment throughout the sequences. Ken feels it’s important to finish each practice with mindful meditation both in savasana and sitting positions. He continues to practice yoga on a regular and steady basis both in his home studio and at a variety of studios in the Bergen County area.






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